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What does it mean?

With small changes in your life and by following your dreams, we can create something much bigger - that is the philosophy on which I created Make a Change.

Our goal

From my philosophy of action and experience gained in the work of a veterinarian within

Projects in Africa and Mexico I have created the idea of organizing educational trips for young people.

Thanks to trips and school meetings we want to help educate open, tolerant and globally minded young people.

Who am I

My name is Maria Geremek, I am a veterinary surgeon, riding instructor and traveler. Everyday I work on horse rehabilitation in Warsaw

MAKE A CHANGE -veterinary

Movie about my job in wildlife center in Africa, during vet checks 2016


By following your dreams you can change the world


KRS: 0000714816

IBAN: PL86 1600 1462 1819 3295 9000 0001



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