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From my philosophy of action and experience gained in the work of a veterinarian within

Projects in Africa and Mexico have brought the idea of ​​organizing trips

for young people to the Namibia. The education program called Environmental Education involves in educational programs for

local communities in Namibia (especially young people and farmers) and rescue work

reintroducing wild cats to their natural environment.


Enviormental Education (EE) program run by the AfriCat Foundation is aimed towards young people from different corners of the world interested in the subject

ecology, nature conservation, conflicts between humans and wildlife and search

ways to solve them.


"In the end we will only conserve what we do

love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are

taught "


The EE program is based on education through direct contact with wildlife.

Participation in the program is also an opportunity to get to know local communities, which derive from different models than we know in Europe. That allows participants to watch things from a different perspectives into local as well as

global challenges. Sensitizing young people to geographic problems conduct to widening  of horizons and shaping

responsible and pro-social relationship with reality.


11-19th MAY 2018- contact via e-mail


By following your dreams you can change the world


KRS: 0000714816

IBAN: PL86 1600 1462 1819 3295 9000 0001



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